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History: Introduction

Welcome to the History section! Forgive the slightly musty smell, but the stuff you’ll find here is all rather old and some of it has gone a bit mouldy.

Yes, you’re in the museum section of, where the halls are forever rendered in 256 colours, and the dusty old tomes are lollypop sprites showing pictures made out of pixels as big as your fist...

This is the place to find out about all the previous Carmageddon games.

You’ll find there's already information here about the original PC, Mac and Playstation titles, but some of the other sections are still awaiting the attention of our creaky old curator. So be sure to check back regularly as we’ll be adding more information and updating the site frequently.

Want to reminisce about the old games yourself, argue over which one’s best, or get some burning question answered (or some question answered about that burning feeling down there)? We have dedicated sections in the Carmageddon forums. So go on... head over there and vent your guts or spill your spleen!