It’s the FREE face-slapping app you’ve all been waiting for! Based on the famous PratCam driver camera from the outrageous driving game Carmageddon, the PratCam features driver characters Max Damage and Die Anna, crash helmets on, ready and waiting for you to give them a right digital spanking!

Laugh like a loon while doing your best to bash their brains out! Watch their little innocent (what?) faces react to your finger on the touch-screen as you shake ‘em, poke ‘em, and prod 'em...

PLUS they also react to the motion of your phone’s accelerometer! Next time you go go-karting or bumper car driving, turn on the app for your very own personal PratCam accompaniment to a journey… Watch Max’s eyes pop out as you swerve away from (or into!) your mates! If you need to emergency brake you’ll see Die Anna's head smack against the rollcage!* Or try attaching your phone to your mountain bike’s handlebars and frighten hikers and cows as Max’s bellowed oaths accompany you on your next downhill run.

All proceeds go towards the development of Carmageddon: Reincarnation

  • Poke Max Damage
  • Prod Die Anna (In App purchase)
  • The most fun you can have with your accelerometer!
  • Multiple sensitivity modes: Hand, Car, Bike
  • Comprehensive tuning options (In App Purchase)

*Note you must NOT do these things in an actual car or other vehicle (even if you own a private abandoned airfield) and don’t put yourself or others in danger. Drive safely and responsibly at all times. Follow the Highway Code. Be nice to animals (and the elderly) and always wash your hands afterwards.Pratcam Terms of Service