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Paid Carmageddon fun size with ADS

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Paid Carmageddon fun size with ADS
#1 Submitted: Sun, 17/06/2018 - 21:58

What happen? I'd bought the Carmageddon Android way back just to find out there will be ADS in the future? Should I get a refund on Google Play?

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Submitted: Mon, 18/06/2018 - 13:20

What kind of ads? The "Meet sexy singles in your bathroom!" kind, or just notifications about other Carmageddon games and news? Also what sort of future are we talking about here? A potential dystopian future where Carmageddon isn't owned by Stainless anymore, or 3 seconds from now?

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Submitted: Mon, 18/06/2018 - 15:11

As far as I'm aware, the "ads" are just prompts about other Stainless products, they're not monetized adverts. They were there long before the game went free. The game has been free for a while now. They also don't seem to show up at all often, out off the last dozen races I've seen an ad for Crashers once.

The question is did you play it enough already to get the £1.49 value out of it? Realistically speaking if you played a couple of races then you've got the value out of it. Getting a refund for that much simply because of the occasional "ad" for other Stainless games is petty, especially if you've played the game for more than half an hour.